What Is Strength

By paul
In February 4, 2013

Carmen showing the strength she has gained from her Crossfit journey

“What Is Strength”
By Rolla Salameh

I could write fervently about what CF means to me, however, in my futile effort to narrow my thoughts to one common characteristic I thought about this, strength.  What is strength and what does it mean.  Is it the building of muscles to transform one into the almost perfect female/male? Is it the strength one needs to continually WOD confronting oneself in each challenge? Is it the strength it takes to confront one’s fear in gymnastics never having done a single move?  Is that what strength is? I say no, it’s a prelude.

It’s about moving yourself from a place of monotonous false comfort to a true one of discomfort that will increasingly make you happier.  It’s moving you from the known that has left you stagnantly content to the unknown that will awaken you.

For some reading this, you may think what on earth is this woman talking about?  I’m talking about the average person, the person stuck with nothing but the limitations and boundaries they have personally chosen.

You want to know what I think strength is.  It’s about living the life we were meant to live by venturing in ways unexpected through every handstand, handstand walk, pull-up, stride and push-press that in each step makes you stronger. It’s not only about the physical transformation but the internal one that undoubtedly occurs through push of determination you never thought you had and a force that takes you even further in believing in yourself.  That force then begins to permeate your life and the fear of flying you once had, is a WOD that you achieve and that fear of public speaking you had becomes the handstand you feared and you achieved, and before you know it, you venture out into places you never thought possible and life has changed.

I’m a 47 year old woman whose lost 40 pounds on my way to my final 15. My body has changed but more importantly and permanently my faith in myself has completely transformed.  For me CF is not only about the body, it’s about the internal transformation that inevitably occurs through each WOD.  It unavoidably makes you believe that your life can change, you can change and life can be so much better.

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