Great Success For Another “Shredded Santa” challenger

By paul
In December 20, 2012

Lauren Romo
Lauren Romo  looking very lean at a holiday party with some friends

Paul – Lauren! I’ve heard  and seen that you’re doing great on the “Shredded Santa Partner Challenge”. Do you mind telling the competition what they are up against?

Lauren – I feel good about where we’re at.  I’ve met my personal goals that I wrote on the whiteboard at the gym (lose 12 pounds and no alcohol).

– Tell us who your partner is and why you two decided to be partners for this challenge.

– I needed a partner and thought of Koaleen. She is a kickass CrossFitter, funny and light hearted. I also knew that she did fitness competitions in the past and she was successful with that training.

– Do you have any secret tips that you can share with us on how you’ve been so successful thus far on the challenge?

– Having a partner has been huge for me. We’ve kept good communication throughout the challenge, determined weekly action plans and shared our highs and lows. I’ve also been good about having a game plan before going to tempting social events. I’ve been pretty consistent with meal planning and scheduling my workouts ahead of time.

– You have always been very consistent with your workouts and getting into the gym. What motivates you to be so dedicated?

– It’s just part of my daily life and I enjoy working out. Since starting this challenge, I’ve committed to less rest days and have worked out on my own on lunch breaks if I can’t make it to a Ruination class.

– So now that the challenge is just about over, what do you plan to do through the holidays and moving into the new year?

Lauren – I’ll continue eating Paleo, but will enjoy a few things that have been off limits. My post challenge goals are to maintain right around my current weight and increase my strength. I’ll continue to work out hard and will start the pull up and dip strength program next week.

– Congratulations Lauren…. you look great! I wish you the best of luck going into the final dunk!

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