Get To Know “Get Jacked” Challenger Dave Bilek

By paul
In February 2, 2013

Dave with his wife Megan and their son Rowan

The “Get Jacked” challengers are about to start week number four. This group of nine athletes have all shown some serious dedication and have made dramatic changes in their approach to their diet, their workouts and achieving “wellness”. I caught up with Dave who is a newer member at Ruination as well as the Crossfit methodology. Here is what he had to say….

So Dave you’re pretty new to the crossfit methodology what has been the hardest thing to over come?

There have been a handful of things to overcome. I will touch on two. First and foremost, my age. I was a good athlete when I was younger. It’s hard to expect a certain amount of athleticism when something is new that you’ve never done before. Add the fact that I’m not a youngster with a 4.5 40 and a 36″ vert anymore. I am starting to get old. The second thing, awkwardness. Most of the moves are new to me. Also, I’ve always been the globo-gym guy that puts his headphones on and keeps his head down. I didn’t go to the gym to socialize. At Crossfit, it’s different getting to know people that you see every day, but you are specifically there to bust your ass.

What made you decide to join the “Get Jacked” Challenge?

I decided to do the challenge because I wanted to get involved and jump in with both feet. I want to learn. I can’t learn if I’m not there to learn new movements. That’s a challenge in itself. I don’t have the time for open gym because I’m either working or I’m with my son. I felt it was an opportunity to learn some new things while getting stronger and getting better.

I know you work in a restaurant and have late hours. What advice would you give to someone who maybe around a lot of temptations which may steer them away from their goals?

I relate to this question all too well. I’m around temptation every single day. The bottom line with being around it, you can hide from it all you want. In the end, you have to face those fears. You can’t hide forever. You can let the temptation own you, or take it head on. It takes time but you just have to make a decision that this is how it’s going to be and commit to your decision. In the short term, avoid putting yourself in that situation. If you don’t want to eat like shit, don’t go to a restaurant without knowing exactly what and how you are going to order and don’t deviate from it.

Have you been able to create some good habits with your diet and the way you look at food?

 I think a good habit I’ve started to create with myself is consistency. I eat just about the same meals multiple times a week. Until I get more comfortable with cooking and preparation, my best bet is to stick to the same foods that satisfy me and follow the plan. I think of it more as fuel than food. I keep the mindset that the sacrifices I’m making will pay off.

Do you see the way you are eating and approaching nutrition being something that is sustainable for you?

I think the way I’m eating and approaching my nutrition CAN be sustainable. The problem with the word “diet” is that most people aim towards a goal. Well what happens when they reach that goal? Most of the time it’s back to normal. There shouldn’t be an end game. It should be continually trying to improve while exploring other options.

You’re a pretty big sports fan. If you could meet any professional athlete, current, retired, or passed away, who would it be?

Im trying to think of a good answer for this one, but I’d have to say Wayne Gretzky. He has to be the most dominant athlete of all time. Sure, Jordan is the best basketball player ever, but there are people that can argue that point. Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem, and now Kobe and LeBron are in the discussion. There is no arguing Wayne Gretzky as the best hockey player ever. Stats don’t lie. I HATED him when he played for the Oilers. Loved him with the Kings, and even the Rangers.

Why do you prefer the La Kings over the Might Ducks of Anaheim?

I’ve been a Kings fan since my first game in 1982. My older brother had season tickets from 1989-2003 until he had kids. Mike is carrying on the tradition now. There was no such thing as the Mighty Ducks until I graduated high school. Things may be different if they had been in Anaheim all along. Thank God they’re not. I effing hate the Ducks.

Thanks Dave… good luck with the rest of the challenge.

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