Wednesday February 22nd 2017

By paul
In February 21, 2017

Being brave isn’t the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but
finding a way through it. – Bear Grylls

Ruination Events
We have some new things we will be rolling out in March. First will be the start of our “Consistency Club”. This will be an acknowledgment, to the members of the community who have completed at least 12 check ins per month, to Ruination Crossfit group classes. These members names will appear on the blog once a month as well as entered into a raffle for a monthly give away. Keep an eye out for some more details and reminders over the next few weeks. Secondly, as the weather starts to clear up, we’d like to organize a hike on a Sunday morning. Location is yet to be determined but heading south to the Chiquito Falls Trail would be cool. With all the rain we’ve had, Im sure it would make for a nice flowing waterfall. If anyone has suggestion or ideas please email

Box Brief
Todays WOD Is “Jackie”…..Yes, another baseline workout! The last time we completed this workout was back in September of 2014, so for most members, this will be their first time hitting this classic. Plan to see more of these types of workouts, as well as more repeating of past workouts in order to make sure that what we are doing in the gym, is working. Log your scores either through WOD together, in your notes on your phone, or on an old school pad of paper.

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