Tuesday January 29th 2013

By paul
In January 28, 2013

Jeff Haynes



A. In 15 Minutes build to a heavy single hang (below knee) squat snatch + Overhead squat
– The point of this exercise is to reinforce proper mechanics from the hang position. Work on forcing the knees back, staying on your heel and keeping your chest over the bar for as long as possible

B. Crossfit Games Open WOD 11.4
10 Minute AMRAP of:
60 Bar facing burpee
30 Overhead squat (120/80)
10 Muscle up
– Compare to February 2011

“Cash Out”
100 V-ups
– Every time you break perform it a 100 Meter row at the end of the workout. Keep track of total breaks.

Competitor WOD (team)

A. Lateral Bounds
6 x 4 for max height – demo vid

B. Power Clean + Split Jerk from Blocks
5×1 across
– Set blocks up just above knee.

C. 5 RFT:
15 Thrusters, 75/55
12 TTB
9 Box Jumps, 24/20 – games standards

D. 4 Giant Sets of:
20 Hip Extensions
10 Ring Rows
5 Sotts Presses – demo vid, don’t need to drop with weight overhead.
-Giant sets are not for time, but done by performing all movements back to back with no rest. Rest as needed between sets.

Weekly Member Challenge # 7
3 Rounds
30 Sec. Max Calories Airdyne
3 Min rest
– Score is total number of Calories completed for all three rounds…. These efforts are supposed to be all out.


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