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In September 5, 2012

Justin Ireland holding it down during Nancy…

Thursday, September 6, 2012

5:00, 6:00, & 7:00 AM – Expo Design Center- off Greenfield and Rancho Niguel in Laguna Niguel

5:30 & 6:30 PM – La Paz Intermediate School- Upper Parking lot off of La Paz Rd


A. “Calisthenics”
2 rounds:
30 sec Max reps of Over-­‐head split squat (dowel)

30 sec Max reps of Jump Squats

30 sec Max reps of Flutter kick (2 count)

1 Min plank hold

rest 30 sec

B. Practice Handstands for 10 min
* Free standing, assisted, walking, kick ups, headstand, straddle, to name a few.

C. For Time:

21 burpee

400 meter run

15 burpee

800 meter run

9 burpee

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