The Shredded Santa Challenge Is Here

By paul
In November 7, 2012

This could be you

Tomorrow is the day! The “Shredded Santa” Team Challenge gets under way.

We have over 15 teams signed up! Remember, your partner does not have to be a member of Ruination Crossfit to participate for the chance to win the cash prizes! If you do not have a partner, email and we will do everything we can to find you a partner.

The “Shredded Santa” team  challenge is about much more than winning a cash prize. It’s also about developing camaraderie through competition, challenging and encouraging your friends in the community to do a little better than they thought was possible because you’re going to be giving it your best too. If everyone enters the challenge with that philosophy, we will have an amazing community of support helping everyone to achieve the same goal of living healthy and happy through the holidays.

This challenge is also about setting a goal for yourself and committing to achieving it. There can be a lot of  pressure in that, and for some of you it will be very uncomfortable. However the discomfort of setting a goal and putting it out there for everyone to hear is also what can help you break through barriers that may have previously held you back. Time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable folks! We will have a Challenge Goal Board set up at the gym for those who are participating in the challenge to write down their goals. These goals can be anything from weigh loss, to achieving a muscle up or committing to eating healthy for an extended period.

We are so happy you decided to sign up for our 
Shredded Santa Team Challenge!!!  Here are some important details to know:

– The deadline to purchase is TODAY Wednesday, November 7th @ 6pm.  Log on to WODTogether to purchase (if you have not already done so).  If you have not purchased by TODAY, you will not be able to participate so please do so right away.
– We will be doing your before & after pictures that night as well so allow yourself some extra time.  We ask that guys wear gym shorts but no shirts, and girls wear sports bras and snug fitting shorts or pants – solid color clothing needed.  These should be the same close as the Dec 22nd dunking & after photos.
Here is some information from on what you should do to prepare for your “dunk”:
What should I wear?
Try to wear something snug fitting such as a swimsuit, bike shorts, sports bra, or speedo etc…
Can I eat or drink prior to the test?
Eating and drinking prior to testing has no appreciable effect on the outcome of your dunk, but I recommend to give yourself at least 1 hour after a large meal if at all possible. As for drinking, just try to stay hydrated at your usual level.
Can I workout prior to my dunk?
Yes, however I do recommend to give yourself at least 45-60 minutes of cool down time prior to testing. We want to have your heart rate at or about your normal level. 
– The top three teams will win a cash prize  ($300 for 1st, $200 for 2nd & $100 for 3rd place) – Winning teams will be based on the following Combined Team Changes in:
1. % of Weight Loss will be 40% of your total score
2. Body Fat % will be 40% of your total score
3. Body Appearance will be 20% of your total score (this will be judged by your coaches on a scale of 1-5, with the average being the team’s overall score)
Here is an example of the scoring:

Finally, we have three nutrition options to support you throughout these 6 weeks: 
1. Our FREE nutrition Q & A with Coach Harry will be held this Saturday, November 10th at 9:00 am

2. ZONE Meal Delivery Service from The Catering Factory and their “Wellness Program”. They will available to answer equations on Nutrition as well as their program during the nutrition Q & A on November 10th

3. Paleo Pot Luck on December 8th – Make your favorite healthy, Paleo or Zone meal and share it with the members of Ruination. More  to come on this, check back for details.

* If you have questions about any of these, just let one of the Ruination staff members know. The coaches are excited to help you make this your healthiest and happiest holiday season yet! Salute!

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