Saturday November 17th 2012

By paul
In November 16, 2012

Cole smashing through Thursday night pull up & run couplet. He completed six full rounds with twenty one  unbroken pull ups every set. Great performance!

Good luck to Coach Rich, Johnny Reid, Jared D., Shannon S., Aaron M. and Mitchell Y. as they take down the Legendary Competitor “OLY” meet. These guys have put in the hard work every week at the Barbell Club practice and tomorrow they will put it all to the test. Go set some PRs guys!

Saturday November 17th 2012

7:00 & 8:00 am
9:00 am (Competitor WOD # 3)

“Tommy WE”
In teams of two, complete the following:
30-20-10 reps of thruster (115/75)
15-10-5 reps of rope climbs (15′)

– Work as a team to complete the work required. Partner A runs a 200 Meter with a sandbag (60/40). Partner B works on completing the required reps for the thrusters. When Partner A returns from the run, switch. Alternate until all of the work and the prescribed reps have been completed.

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