Saturday February 2nd 2013

By paul
In February 1, 2013


“Pump Fit” A.K.A Cardio Blaster

– Playing with the programming for tomorrows WOD. I envision a class in the future that is based around techno music, lighter and less technical movements, and a non-stop heart pumping workout. Think Crossfit, slash Billy Blanks, slash get you ripped up bodybuilder workout. So that being said, here is tomorrow workout….

Ill also note that we missed the 1st of the month “painstorm” so this fit in well for a make up. Good luck!

Intro –
3 Rounds of
:45 sec Jump rope
:15 sec rest
:30 sec Mtn. Climber with hands on med ball
:30 sec rest
:15 sec Burpee (no push up with feet together)
:45 sec Rest (Mobilize and stretch)

Rest 1 Min

Primer –
10 Min AMRAP of:
Walking lunge steps (Kettle-bell or dumbbell)
– Every 20 steps perform 3 Full man-makers (row, row, push up, squat clean thruster)

Rest 1 Min

Grind –
5 Min Burpee box jump (24/20)
2 Min Row (active rest pace)
4 Min KB swing complex (Russian swing + Goblet squat)
2 Min Jump rope
3 Min power snatch (75/55)
2 Min Run
2 Min Slam ball shoulder to over head (any weight that is challenging)

Rest 1 Min

The pack –
“Tabata” :20 on/:10 off for 8 rounds
Hollow rocks
– Complete 8 rounds of each (16 total intervals) alternating back and forth between the two movements

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