Saturday February 23rd 2013

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In February 22, 2013

 Cupids Massacre advanced division winners

Cupids Massacre intermediate division winners

Crossfit Team WOD (9:00 am)

Teams of four (two male, two female) complete in a follow the leader format. Athletes can’t rotate till all members complete reps required for each station…

2 Rounds of:
25 Kettle-bell SDHP (97/70)
15 Burpee w/ jump on 45# plate
75 Double-under
21 DB thruster (35/20)
400 meter sandbag run (60/40)
– Full details and explanation of WOD covered in the morning

PumpFit (7:00 am)

Intro… (10 min)
500 jump rope singles
In remaining time …
Overhead Walking lunge steps (25/15)
– Every time plate is removed from overhead position, complete
5 burpee plate jumps (45#)

Rest 1 min

The primer…
10 rounds
:40 sec. Back squat (95/65)
:20 sec. Push-up

Rest 1 min

The grind…
2 min Airdyne
2 min Slam ball (35/25)
2 min Sled push (190/145)
2 min Pull up
2 min Tire flips (big/small)
2 min Axel bar push press (85/65)
2 min Row
2 min KB swing (53/35)
2 min Double under

Rest 1 min

The Pack…
“Super Duper Plank”
1 min elbow
1 min push up
1 min side plank RT
1 min side plank LF
1 min elbow
– The goal is to complete without dropping to your knees

Get Jacked Challenge Team Grinder (10:00 am)

A. Max effort 50′ sled push
– Build up and push the sled for 50′ with as much weight as possible loaded onto it

B. Max effort axel bar clean
– Work up in load slowly. The axel bar is awkward and much more challenging then the regular barbell. Staying tight and keeping good position is crucial.

C. ” Concrete Crusher”
10-8-6-4-2 reps
D-ball (150/80)
100′ D-ball carry

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