Saturday December 29th 2012

By paul
In December 28, 2012

8-4 Beach WOD
Matt Rhodes giving us his best WOD face

Saturday December 29th 2012
7:00 & 9:00 am

A. Team sandbag run

B. In teams of two, complete 2 Min at each station:
Dead-lift (185/115)
Ground to overhead (96/65)
Wall ball (20/14)
Toes to bar
Row (calories)
-Rest 2 min then perform the reps completed at each station for time. Start at the first station in which you began with. Score is total reps/time to complete

C. Group cool down and static stretches

Weekly Member Challenge # 3
Perform one set of unbroken wall balls.  Standards for the movement are that the athletes hips must get below the top of the knee and the wall ball must physically hit over the ten foot target. The test stops when the ball is dropped or held in the rack position for longer than it takes to perform the squat portion of the exercise. Dig deep on this one!

 Top Scores
Male – Jeff Haynes – 64 reps
Female – ???

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