Saturday April 6th 2013

By paul
In April 5, 2013

PumpFit crew from Thursday… BRUTAL!

Crossfit Team WOD (9:00 am)

In teams of two, with one person working at a time, complete the following for time

100 Wall ball
100 Ring dips
100 Kettle-bell swings (70/53)
200 Meter overhead barbell carry (135/95)
– Every time barbell is removed from overhead position, teams must complete 30 air squat

PumpFit (7:00 am)

2 Rounds
3 Min skip rope
400 Meter run

The Primer…
2 sets of
30 DB Curls (moderate load)
30 Bench dips
– No rest B/T sets

3 sets of
21 Lying DB tricep extension
21 Barbell Curls
– Rest 45 sec B/T sets
– Increase weight each set

3 sets of
12-15 Close grip push up
12-15 DB preacher curl
– Increase weight after each set

The Grind…
3 Sets of
Max reps unbroken Pull-up
rest 1 min
Max reps unbroken wall ball
rest 1 min

4 sets
1 min max reps Medicine ball chest pass
1 min max reps Ball slam
1 min Tire flip
rest 30 sec

The Pack…
Max reps in 5 min
Toes to bar

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