Monday January 7th 2012

By paul
In January 6, 2013

12-22-12 Holiday Party
Nathan and Mike in a serious debate


A. “Goat” skill work
For 15 minute work on your weakness!
– Use template provided last week. Remember to pick ONE of the 4 progressions and stick with it for the 6 weeks

B. 20 Rep Max back squat
– Perform a few warm up sets then look to build up to around 60-70% of 1 rep max

C. “Isabel”
For time:
30 Snatches (135/95)

Weekly Member Challenge # 4
10 Min max calories on the Airdyne
– Need I say more? How close to 300 can you get?

Competitors WOD (Team)

A. Snatch complex
Power snatch + Squat snatch
– Work up to a max effort set

B. Overhead squat
1. Work up to a 2 rep max
2. Max reps @ 90% of weight established in B1

C. For time:
3 rounds
4 power snatches (165/115) (power or squat)
12 Pistol (6 each side)
20 Toes to bar

D. Run
4 X 400 Meter on the 3:00

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