Monday January 21st 2013

By paul
In January 20, 2013

Our competitors at the “Battle Of The Boxes”


A. “Goat” Skill work
– For 15 minutes practice your skill of choice. Progressions are available from coaches.

B. 20 Rep max Back squat
–¬†Warm up and build to a 20 rep max back squat.If you completed all 20 reps last week look to complete with 5-10 more pounds.

C. Crossfit Games Open WOD 12.1
7 Min AMRAP of:
Burpee with 6″ jump
– Compare to February 2012
– Are you more fit than last year?

3 Min – recovery row
2 Min/each – Super squat sequence
30 Straddle sit-up

Competitor WOD (team)

A. Snatch Complex
Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch + Squat Snatch – work up to a heavy set

B. Front Squat

C. Comp Comp Final
100 DU
30 Pull ups
30 Front Squats 135/95
30 Pull ups
100 DU

Weekly Member Challenge # 6
2 Minute ab-mat Sit-up test
– Set up for test is feet together and knees out (butterfly). Standards are the athlete must touch shoulder blades to the floor and then return to a seated position.

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