Mobility Clinic & Assessment

By shannon
In June 2, 2014

More weight on the bar? Yes.

Improved work capacity? Yes.

The ability to go into a WOD, an event,
a competition or a summer stroll and be
able to bounce back and recover? Yes.

For good reason and thanks to innovative coaches, MOBILITY has become a household (or at least gym-hold) word.  There’s still some gems regarding flexibility that have yet to appear. Until now.

Amir stretching Coach Paul!

Amir stretching Coach Paul!

My name is Amir Mofidi and I’ve been a strength coach and a proud player in the corrective exercise game for 15 years. I can’t think of a better gym, better coaches and better members for me to share my experience with than Ruination Crossfit.

Please join me on June 6th as I guide you through your own personal journey towards optimal flexibility, better movement and ultimately:
-more weight on the bar
-more work capacity
-the ability to restore and recover after any workout, any WOD or demand life throws your way.

WHEN:  Friday, June 6th at 6pm

WHERE:  Ruination CrossFit

WHO:  All Members Who Sign Up Here

PLEASE NOTE:  Our 6pm Group Class will be canceled on this night.  Our 4pm and 5pm Group Classes will go on as usual.  Open Gym will also be canceled by 6pm, so if you are planning to do Open Gym this night you must be done by 6pm for the consideration of those attending this workshop.  This workshop is free to members with an unlimited membership.


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