Friday November 16th 2012

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Friday November 16th 2012
5:00, 6:00, 7:00 & 9:00 am
5:30 pm

A. “Barbell work”
3 sets of:
7 -10 Clean pulls (start from below knee and focus on staying back and on heels as long as possible)
rest 30 sec
7-10 drop squats (use bodyweight. Work on speed and footwork through all reps. Stick the landing position and make any corrections as needed)
rest 30 sec
7-10 High hang squat clean (STAY BACK on your heels, remember the aggressive finish, think speed and fast elbows when getting under the bar)

– The goal of this warm up is to enforce good mechanics for when the load becomes more difficult. Remember consistency of good technique is a must before the athletes adds any sort of significant weight or intensity.

B. Squat Clean
– Build in load over the 7 sets. Rest enough time  (2-3 mins) to give your body a full recovery as you work up towards the heavier loads. This is a technical lift so be patient and lift smart.

C. Cool down/Mobility
1 Minute “Barbell shoulder smash” (each side)
1 Minute “Super front rack”  with band (each side)
spend 3-5 min at the bottom of a static squat. Try and hold the position as active as possible. Can you do 5 mins?

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