Free Community Workouts

By stacey
In November 8, 2012

8-4 Beach WOD

One of the many beach workouts over the summer months

We at Ruination Crossfit know the importance of a fit body and mind, so we want to offer your friends and family a chance to see what it is that you’ve been raving about. Each month, we will be offering 3-4 Free Community Workouts where the workout will be designed with basic movements that can be taught simplistically in that very class. Don’t be fooled, these workouts will still be challenging for all, as  Crossfit is scaleable for any fitness level.

We encourage you to spread your love of Crossfit with everyone, your spouse, your parents, your neighbors, your friends, ANYONE!  Bring them to our Free Community Workout so they have an opportunity to try something new. We hope to see some new faces at every workout!

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