Consistency Builds Credibility

By stacey
In November 27, 2012

How do you hold yourself accountable in the gym? What is your training style? Are you seeing the results you want in your performance and physique? Do you feel sluggish or behind during WODs and want to make a change?


What does that even mean when it comes to Crossfit? It could mean a ton of different things. You could consistenly come to Crossfit 5 times per week, performing at a level 2. You could come 3 times per week, performing all WODs as Rx. Whatever realm of consistency you choose, ask yourself, “Is this working to get me to my goals?” If you answered no to your question, then maybe it’s time to check your consistency out.

Your goal should be to make exercise a part of your daily life. Just like you brush your teeth, it always has a spot on your agenda, and you should never miss it. If you are consistent with your exercise, it will show you the benefits and it will become a part of your daily routine in no time. You won’t even have to think twice about it.  It will be your new habit.

Below are some important tips on how to stay consistent with your exercise regime:

1. Schedule your workouts at the beginning of the week/month put them on your calendar, just like a doctor’s appointment, you’d wouldn’t miss that, would you?
2. Show up. Even if you’ve had a hard day at the office, if the kids have driven you to the point of exhaustion, if you tossed and turned all night. No one ever leaves a WOD feeling angry that they completed it.
3. Excuses are like…. Just don’t make them. Flat out. Life can be full of excuses, but I bet whatever it is you have in mind, it can wait just an hour while you finish your workout.
4. Train with a buddy! You are more likely to stay engaged and motivated with a friend or family member. Be there for each other to challenge one another, to check in, and to hold each other accountable!
5. Log, log, log. Keeping track of your workouts and how you felt after each one will help your training tremendously. Seeing yourself PR (or even seeing yourself do worse) can motivate you to work harder during your workouts. It also doesn’t hurt to log your food. Writing everything you put into your mouth on paper or keeping a food journal electronically has proven to keep people out of the staff lounge and off of the cookie trays at work, or out of those kids’ snacks at home!
6. Pat yourself on the back. We all live in a token economy, don’t we? Who doesn’t like to work towards a goal with a reward in mind? At the end of the week or month, if you have stuck with your new consistent plan, why not reward yourself, tangible or non-tangible?  Maybe it could be those new Lulu pants you’ve been eyeing, or maybe it’s just a day to lounge around and do absolutely nothing. Whatever it is, take it! You deserve it!


And remember, being consistent counts outside the gym as well. When you don’t have the time to make it to the gym, or you may be out of town, it is important to make time for exercise, even if you have to squeeze in 100 burpees for time! Browse  for travel WODs.  Simply look under ‘find workout’  and type in ‘Road Dawgs’, there you will find plenty of WODs which require little or no equipment.

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