Brian’s Bowls

By shannon
In September 5, 2013


We are now a pick-up location for Brian’s Bowls, a Paleo, frozen food delivery company servicing Southern California.  Their food is made fresh-from-scratch every week and delivered frozen to Ruination CrossFit on Fridays. Convenient, Healthy and Delicious!

– 100% Grain & Gluten-Free

– 99% Soy, Dairy, Sugar-Free (exceptions always noted)

– All Natural, No Preservatives.

– We never use any vegetable oils. Period.

– Mary’s Organic Free-Range Chicken

– Antibiotic & Hormone-Free, Free Range Beef and Pork

– Organic Produce (when available)

New menu is posted each Monday then you have until Sunday night to place your order for the following Friday.  For example, if it’s Tuesday 9/3 order today and you’ll get your delivery on Friday 9/13.  Get in the habit of ordering each week and you’ll always have something in the freezer to pick up on Fridays!

If you have any questions, you can email contact Brian’s Bowls directly or email Shannon Starich at  


We are also a pick-up location for Allspice Eats Paleo Meals and J and J Grassfed Beef.  We are also looking into a CSA program…stay tuned!

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