8-Week Nutrition Challenge 3.0

By shannon
In August 27, 2015

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Are you ready to learn how to eat right?  Now is your chance!

Join us for an 8-week Nutrition Challenge lead by Chuck Rudolph, a registered Dietition with a Masters Degree in Nutrition Education with a Concentraion in Biochemistry.  He will teach you how to eat in order to perform and lose weight.

The main goal is to balance insulin levels through calories per meal, meal frequency as well as nutrient selections per meal.  If we can balance insulin levels we get stable energy all day long, reduce risks for heart disease and reduce the probability of storing body fat.

Our Challenge Includes:

  • – Measurements (First Day, Day 14, Day 28, Day 42, Last Day)
  • – Introduction on how the plan works
  • – Meal Plans designed for workout and non-workout days
  • – Admission to a closed Facebook group for questions and support

The cost of this challenge is $199.  NEW CHALLENGE BEGINS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH AT 6:30PM.  To sign up, click here.  You do not need to be a member of Ruination CrossFit to participate (so feel free to get the whole family on board!)


If you have any questions, please email shannon@ruinationcrossfit.com.  She has taken on the 8-week challenge and has had amazing results!

“I lost 7% body fat, over 12lbs of fat and gained 2.5lbs of muscle!  It was easy to figure out what to eat and the measuring became second nature.  I never felt tired, and even managed a few PRs during this time.  If I can do it…so can you!” – Shannon Starich

Optional DEXA Scan:  Body-Comp is returning to the gym on this night to do a Total Body Composition scan.  5 minutes, head-to-toe, fully clothed, lying comfortably on your back.  For more informaiton on the DEXA scan, click here.

Ready to get started?

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