• Paleo Potluck Winner!

    By shannon
    In December 11, 2012
    And the winner of our Paleo Potluck Challenge is… Stacey Gregrow’s CinnaBark! Thanks to everyone for coming and participating in our Paleo Potluck Contest.  We had a lot of fun enjoying each other’s company as well as the dishes that were brought.  Hands down Stacey’s CinnaBark was bomb!!!  I’d put that to a taste test against any confection that actually has sugar.  It was awesome and vanished faster than...
  • Travel WODs

    By mike
    In December 6, 2012
    If you find yourself traveling, there is no reason for you to let your training suffer.  There are 18 different WODs in WODTogether that require very little equipment and most can be performed in your hotel room.  Simply click here to find these workouts (or you could type “Road Dawg” into the search box): http://wodtogether.com/search?q=road+dawg Road Dawg WODs # 1,5,8,11, and 12 require a jump rope, which is easy...
  • Stay Motivated Kids

    By paul
    In November 29, 2012
    You should feel like the king of the world after the 6 week challenge   It has been 3 weeks since the start of the Shredded Santa Team Challenge and we’re already hearing of some great results so far! You have all started off strong in your commitment to health and have been on a forward roll since the day one dunk. It is crucial to keep that onward...
  • Consistency Builds Credibility

    By stacey
    In November 27, 2012
    How do you hold yourself accountable in the gym? What is your training style? Are you seeing the results you want in your performance and physique? Do you feel sluggish or behind during WODs and want to make a change? Check your CONSISTENCY. What does that even mean when it comes to Crossfit? It could mean a ton of different things. You could consistenly come to Crossfit 5 times...
  • Paleo…Zone…Paleo Zone!

    By shannon
    In November 13, 2012
    Here are some documents with simple information on eating healthy…be it Paleo, Zone or whatever! RCF – Paleo Zone MakingPaleoWork_REV_6.24.2010 CF Journal – Zone Diet  
  • Shredded Santa Nutrition Follow Up

    By paul
    In November 11, 2012
    The Ropes are up are the Ruination training compound. Get your long socks ready. Written by Harry Palley Nation, Here’s a follow-up to the lecture on Saturday. We had a very tight window to work with, so I breezed over some concepts we can clarify here. Next time we plan one of these discussions, we’ll be setting aside some more time. Reason behind this write-up is to provide you...

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