Wednesday December 12th 2012

By paul
In December 11, 2012

Francis moving fast through some bodyweight squats

Wednesday December 12th 2012
5:00, 6:00, 7:00 & 9:00 am
4:30, 5:30 & 6:30 pm


A. Practice muscle up transitions, skills and drills for 15 min. If you can do a muscle up, work a more efficient way of doing them. Advanced athletes should be able to perform all variations of muscle ups (dead hang or strict, false grip, no false grip, multiple reps in a row, inverted or even bar muscle up variations). If your still on a band and looking to become stronger with pull-ups, and eventually want to do muscle ups, complete the following:

4 sets of:
7 dead-hang pull-up (use a band as needed, must be unbroken)
rest 60 sec
7 ring or matador dips (use a band as needed, must be unbroken or as close to it as possible)
rest 90 sec
– Advanced athletes use rings for dips and add load if possible for both exercises

B. EMOTM X 10 min
2 Muscle-up
5 Box jump (30″/24″)

at min 5……

3 Muscle-up
5 Box jump (30″/24″)

Rest 3 min

C. “Not A Creature Was Stirring…”
For time:
5 Rounds of
7 Dead-lift (315/225)
2 Rope climbs @ 15′

1 Min – pike stretch
2 Min – anchored T-spine mobilization
5 skin the cats with a 15 second hold at the bottom (german hang)
20 Bridge-ups

Weekly Member Challenge #1

“Tabata” (20 sec on/10 sec off) Airdyne X 20 minutes
– Accumulate as many calories as possible over the course of the 20 minutes. Go hard!

Taylor – 433 Cal.
Paul – 437 Cal.


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