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Max S. & Rolla

The motto you should carry going into anything you do in life. You can
guarantee that when things get tough, quitting will never be the solution.
Whether its a project at work or school, a relationship, a financial
situation, or a workout. Crossfit has given people the tools to live this
mindset outside of the box in which they spend only a handful of hours
at each week. The power of a little bit of lifting weights, running, jumping,
pushing your body as hard as you can, in a group, and supported by a
community of people while doing it, can be life changing. When you “Just
don’t quit” your tough workout, over, and over, and over, you start to take
that mindset into every situation you’re faced with. For some people out
there, this is their why, and the reason they just keep showing up.
РCoach Paul 

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