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By paul
In February 5, 2018

At three weeks old, Carter contracted the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), turned blue and stopped breathing.  In the PICU, Carter was intubated on breathing and feeding tubes and breathing treatments for 10 days.  At age 2, Carter was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy which occurred due to the lack of oxygen to her brain during her RSV suffocation episodes.  When Carter turned 3 years old, a genetic exome sequencing test revealed she had genetic deletion disorder (PURA Syndrome), only her and 40 other known individuals in the entire world have (which is now over 100).

PURA syndrome is a rare genetic disorder, primarily associated with neurodevelopmental abnormalities. The PURA gene is located on the long arm of chromosome 5 (at 5q31.3). PURA is expressed in all tissues, including the brain, muscle, heart, and blood. It has a number of different roles including regulatory functions in DNA replication, transcription and translation of mRNA. The protein product of the PURA gene, pur-alpha, is known to be particularly important in brain development. All individuals with PURA syndrome have moderate – severe intellectual disability. Most individuals remain non-verbal, with severe language and motor delay. However, many have better receptive language than expressive language.  Many PURA syndrome individuals do not achieve independent walking.

Since her 1st birthday, Carter has had a full schedule of therapies.  Carter currently does Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies along with Hippo-therapy (Horseback riding).  She has also done Neuro Feedback studies, Oxygen Therapy, Infant Stim and a center-based development programs, but riding horses is by far her favorite.  Carter recently started transitional Kindergarten with the assistance of a one-on-one aid.

Ruination Crossfit will be hosting it’s Team Carter event on Saturday, February 24th, at 11:00am. All are welcome to participate!

Team Carter is an event to help support our friend, Carter Grace Peddie, who is diagnosed with PURA Syndrome. Proceeds will go towards Carter’s extensive therapies and services such as Horse Therapy, Orthotics/braces, a Service dog, and Hyperbaric Treatment. We will also be donating a percentage to the PURA Syndrome Foundation which helps to issue medical grants to families in need and helps families to attend an annual conference.

At Ruination, we plan to support Carter by completing a 2-person team workout. We encourage our members to donate $20 to participate, which will place them in a raffle to win various prizes.


The Workout:

2012 Relay Run (both team mates share)

10 rounds (alternating movements):
11 calories bike or row
3 Deadlifts (315-365/225/275)
33 Double unders (partner holds top of the deadlift)

Our coaches will also be raising money by doing “pledge jars”.  Pledge jars will be kept at the gym and members will be able to donate to the jars throughout the month of February,  the total number of rounds or reps for each coach will be completed on or before the Team Carter Event.

Some examples of our pledge jars are as follows:

  • For every $2 raised, 1 round of Cindy will be completed
  • $1 for 2 burpees
  • $2 for 1 calorie bike/row
  • $1 for 1 muscle up

To sign up for the WOD, click here.

We would love for you or your gym to join us in supporting Carter Grace and the PURA Syndrome Foundation. For more information about this event  and how to participate, please contact If you feel moved to donate to Carter today, please click here.


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