Sunday February 19th 2017

By paul
In February 18, 2017

“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s
determination.” – Tommy Lasorda

Box Brief
Congratulations to all the competitors at this years Cupids Massacre. We lucked out with all the bad weather passing through the day before, allowing for tent city to happen, and the spectators to stay dry most of the day. This event is so much fun to host and it really ignites some motivation for our community going into the Crossfit Games Open. A special congratulations and thank you to the following Ruination members for your participation at this years event.

Jared (hype man) and Erica D., Chris and Elizabeth S., Keith G, David S., Kendall, Eric I., Sonya, Sriti, Sarah M., Angela D., Kate and Kyle, Karlo and Leslie, Mr and Mrs Yaffee, Will P., James V., David L. and Holly, Lauren C., Liz, Anne Marie, Kevin B., Johnny R., Frank and Jen G., Michael and Shannon Starich, Chelsea and Mitchell, Christina and David K., Molly M., Bryce, Johnny G., Mary G., April S., Christina R., Rich and Nat, Kevin and Tracey S., and Andrew T.

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