Pregnancy and CrossFit

By shannon
In December 30, 2013


Pregnancy and CrossFit

by Stacey Gregrow

This is my second time being pregnant while keeping up with my CrossFit routine and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. During my last pregnancy I was very cautious. I could not find much information, other than what was on, and I still feel like that wasn’t “enough”. So what I did was follow the guidelines on to a T.


My First Pregnancy

My “comeback” was rough. I had weird aches and pains everywhere, squatting was “different” and so were some other movements. In a sense, I felt like I was starting all over. Also, I watched other females in the gym, including my sister in law, take on pregnancy while continuing to do CrossFit, and they did not scale back as much as I had with Ellie, and they seemed to be doing just fine.

So for this pregnancy, I decided to take things a little differently. I went with the “talk test” during my met-cons, which means that I would complete the work, and once I was so out of breath that I wasn’t able to talk, I would slow down to catch my breath. A lot of times I would just try to sing along to the song that was playing to keep myself in check. As for lifting, I kept up with my max lifts until about 25 weeks. When I say “I kept up” I mean I would only attempt my current PR, or just below it, I never tried to get a new PR because now is just not the time. I just listen to my body, a lot. If something feels weird, I stop. Even if something doesn’t feel weird, I have learned there are things I just cannot do anymore because dealing with the repercussions hurts too much. For instance, I have had to stop squatting altogether. Although it did not seem to bug me during the workouts, I noticed that on days I would squat that I would be in severe pelvic pain for the rest of the day. So, no more squats for me.


My First Pregnancy

One thing that I have noticed though, is that I have less aches and pains this pregnancy. Now, I don’t know if that’s because I kept up with my weights and intensity a little more this pregnancy, or if its just because I don’t have the luxury of just laying around and sulking in all my pregnancy woes this time, but overall I just feel better this time around.

Now at almost 35 weeks, I have to modify almost every workout. That’s ok, I am just glad I am still moving. That’s what is great about CrossFit, and our coaches at Ruination. The workouts are completely scale-able to anyone’s level.

I am no expert on exercise and pregnancy, CrossFit and pregnancy or any of the like, but I just wanted to share my experiences while pregnant and continuing to do CrossFit, because when I was pregnant, especially the first time, I couldn’t read enough! I just wanted to find as much information as I could, even if it was merely just other CrossFitting woman’s experiences. I still look for other’s guidance during this pregnancy, because I think it is interesting.

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Coach Paul, Ellie, Baby Brynn and Me 2013

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