Get Jacked SUCCESS

By shannon
In March 18, 2013

Our Get Jacked Challenge ended on March 9th
to amazing success by all its participants!  


Get Jacked was an 8-week challenge where participants begin and ended with the CrossFit Total.  For those of you who don’t know, the CrossFit Total is a classic baseline workout of your max effort in the Shoulder Press, Back Squat and Deadlift.

During the 8 weeks, participants were given homework assignments to work on their overall strength.  They each participated in 5 special Saturday workouts.  Coaches also met with the participants to discuss their goals and ways to improve their diets.  All of this led to an amazing day of PRs!


Of the 7 participants who completed the challenge on March 9th, they had a combined increase in their CrossFit Total by 267lbs!!!!

Here are some notable results:

  •      – One participant alone
  •         increased his CFT by 70lbs!
  •      – One participant increased
  •         her back squat by 35lbs!
  •      – Three participants increased
  •         their deadlift by 20lbs each!



Here’s what some of the participants had to say about the Get Jacked Challenge:

“I enjoyed the experience and would sign up for another challenge!”

“Overall, I am happy I did the challenge. Paul has been great, Rich very helpful, Shannon very helpful, other challengers were motivating. I reached just about all of my goals. I got stronger, learned new moves and proper technique, and feel I am doing better than when I started.”

“My coach knows his stuff. He supported me through all my travels, questions, emails. I reached out on a regular basis and he was always responsive and helpful.”

Stay tuned for the next challenge!!!!


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