Corporate Wellness

There are many benefits to providing a Corporate Wellness Program at your facility

IMPROVED HEALTH Eating right and exercising regularly is the key to overall good health and well-being.  Those who lead a healthier lifestyle tend to have less sick days, which may help to reduce insurance claims.

TEAM BUILDING When people workout together, they develop bonds and show genuine teamwork and camaraderie.  These experiences can translate to more productive communication skills back at the office.

INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY Because our workouts are about intensity, it encourages people to push themselves and strive to work harder each time they workout.  This can assist employees with their overall work capacity as well as their mental focus.

SENSE OF COMMUNITY  Participants get a chance to workout with fellow employees they may not see on a regular basis, if at all.  Sharing a common activity outside of the office can create a stronger sense of community in the workplace.  Coaches encourage all students to cheer each other on during workouts.

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